Static Stabilizers - Thyristor Switching Type

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Salient Features

  • High efficiency & Fast response.
  • Wide input voltage range & Audiable alarm for trip conditions.
  • 99.99% failure proof control circuit.
  • Synchronous top selection

High Reliability

  • High reliability due to digital monitoring and controlling using micro controller.
  • All components sourced from reputed manufacturers, confirm to IS/BS/VDU standards.
  • All raw material inspection as per internal components manual.
  • Individual assemblies and sub assemblies tested separately.
  • All electronic assemblies tested on full load at 55 deg c in oven for 48 hours to Minimize failure.
  • Final equipment tested for accelerated life test to identify and replace any weak links.
  • Input and Output Low Voltage protections.
  • Input and Output High Voltage protections.
  • Input protection using HRC fuse.
  • Control circuit protection using fast blow fuse.
  • Electronic overload protection.

Panel Control

  • VAF / VF 3 Phase Model Start, Select, Stop / Reset

LCD Specification

  • 16*4 LCD display is used for easy reading of parameters.
  • True rms sensing and reading of voltage and current.
  • Internal variable timer is adopted for on time delay and overload trip of scvs.
  • Selectable auto on function.
  • Less analog circuit and hence failure rate is reduced.
  • Built in digital meter for monitoring the voltage / current & frequency.

Product Specification

Single phase capacity 1 to 20 kva
Three phase (air cooled) 3 to 60 kva
Three Phase (oil cooled) Nil
Input voltage range 170-270 Single phase 295-465 volts three phase
195-270 Single phase 340-465 volts three phase
205-270 single phase 360-465 volts three phase
Special range As per customer requirements
Output voltage 230 V AC in single phase
400 V AC in three phase
System Unbalanced/balanced type
Connection nil
Output Voltage regulation nil
Servo motor drive model -A nil
Correction speed (+/-) 5 to 10%
Response time nil
Servo motor model-B nil
Correction speed 100 V/sec.
Response time above 10 milli.sec.
Operating frequency 47 to 53 HZ
Output waveform True reproduction of input
Insulation Class "B"
Short circuit percentage and period 300 % for 250 milli sec.
Overload capacity 120 % for 1 minute
Effect of load P.F on OP Volts Nil
Waveform distortion Nil.
Duty Cycle nil
Ambient nil
System construction As per IS:9815
Enclosure Powder coated
Efficiency Better than 98% (electrical consumption saved)
Environment Designed for indoor / outdoor tropical use
Mounting On wheels
Earthing Earthing terminals provided